Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

I haven't created an account, but my business is already on the site! I would like to edit my listing. How do I do that?

When we created the directory, we added a number of businesses. To edit your business directory listing click here. We'll transfer ownership of the listing to you after we've confirmed your identity and notify you of the change via email. You can then log in and make any changes you wish.


My business isn't based in Kansas, but I'd like to be listed in your directory.

We accept listings from our neighboring states within about 50 miles of Kansas: Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. If your business is based in one of these areas, go right ahead and submit it!


How can I make a suggestion about something I'd like to see added to your site?

Contact us and suggest it! Send an e-mail to or call 
785-776-0662. Although we can't guarantee that we'll implement your suggestions, we are interested in hearing from you about how we can make the directory more useful for you.


How can I edit my listing?

Click Here to edit your business directory listing.