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ID MyHorse Saddle & Rider Identification Safety Tag

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Gardner, Kansas, United States
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Providing emergency information for both horse and rider
Are you prepared in the event of an emergency on the trail? If you and your horse part ways and your horse is lost, will anyone know how to contact you? If you need immediate medical attention, is critical information available to your rescuers? These one-of-a-kind saddle ID tags were created by a trail riding veterinarian who recognized the need for both horse and rider to have contact and medical information readily available in the event of an emergency.

Developed by a Veterinarian
Creating products with safety and efficiency in mind.
Trail riding is one of the most amazing ways to experience the beauty of our country and the awesomeness of nature. Whether riding alone or with treasured horse-loving companions, nothing compares to experiencing the world on the back of your horse. But unforeseen events happen, and the key to having the most desirable outcome in case of an emergency is to be as prepared as possible. If horse and rider become separated, anyone finding the horse will have contact information available immediately. For added insurance, the rider can also wear a tag. Each tag contains contact information, medical information and emergency instructions.

Product Features
Designed for durability and efficiency
Available in 3 colors: white lettering on brown leather, white lettering on black leather, and glitter red lettering on black leather (red lettering doesn't photograph well but is stunning in person)

Soft, supple, quality leather with a silver buckle and a keeper to prevent catching the loop as you swing your leg over the saddle

Two separate emergency information cards enclosed in waterproof plastic sleeve providing contact and medical information for both horse and rider

Modified luggage tag with no window to rip open or catch your leg as you swing over the saddle; stitched leather on both sides also adds to waterproof design

Clearly identifiable as emergency contact information when hanging from the back of the saddle; both sides show ID MyHorse

Small and lightweight enough to also be worn by the rider, ensuring emergency information would be available even if horse and rider become separated.

Product is available from or contact me at for product questions & ordering. Visit my Facebook page @MyHorse4Me or ID MyHorse.
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